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Awakening: Gone By Wednesday

At the tip of Hains Point, where the Potomac and Anacostia rivers come together, there is an amazing bit of fancy, completely out of character for DC. And that’s why I love it, this sculpture called “The Awakening.”

Unfortunately, it’s been sold (apparently it was only “on loan” to Hains Point for the past 28 years . . .), and will soon be relocating to Maryland, where it’ll likely get lost amongst commerce. If you’re in the DC area, and have never seen it, you owe yourself a trip down there in the next day or so.

Update:  Went down to Hains Point with the hope of getting one last ride past the old man (and some shots of the usual lunchtime training crew going past it), but they’ve already blocked off the tip of Hains Point.  The crew working on it, however, was very cool and letting folks get in close for whatever shots they wanted.  Not sure if it’ll be like that tomorrow, though.

The cones and tape and construction equipment really changes the feeling of the piece. Instead of awakening, he looks like he’s getting sucked down to his death.


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  1. it is too bad that our appreciation was not as grand until we realized that the awakening was soon to be gone

    guess that is how we live
    things are seldom appreciated until it is too late

    at least it is staying public and staying local

    but honestly
    hains point will never be the same

  2. MB

    Too true.

    Now I’ll only have the 15mph headwind to remind me that I’ve rounded the end of my favorite circuit.

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