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Idiocracy: Coming Soon to a Society Near You

I try to keep my natural misanthropy in check, but it’s been a little harder to do in the past week.  I’ve found myself invoking the term “idiocracy” more often.  It comes from a  2006 movie of the same name that was largely forgotten ( on balance, probably a fair fate).  The opening scene was brilliant, however, and something that I’ve recommended to people far and wide.  I’d never been able to find it online until now:

YouTube Preview Image

Bonus: When searching for the above clip, I found another one, in which President Camacho addresses the House of Representin’ with a three-point plan to save us all by putting one man in charge of saving us all.  Nah, no parallels there:

YouTube Preview Image


Sarah Silverman’s Great Schlep


Copyright Proposal: Bush Admin Gets It Right


  1. I love Idiocracy. Kornbluth’s “The Marching Morons” by way of Mike Judge… a good “dumb movie” that’s smart.

  2. the actual movie could have been funnier but the premise is dead on and would also be funny if it wasn’t so sad

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