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My Bike Stolen in Arlington – $200 Reward

Son of a )(*#$@#@.  This bike was stolen from the Arlington Central Library on the evening of March 31st. I’d really like it back, and I will pay $200 (no questions asked) for information that results in its recovery.

'00 GT Rebound - Blue and White

Bike Details:

• ’00 GT Rebound – blue/white
• Continental Town & Country slick tires (different from those pictured)
• Neon green water bottle cage (extra style points, no?)
• Arlington County Police Department bicycle registration sticker

Please email me at bike @ with any information. Thank you.

(And yes, here’s the part that really sucks – no, it wasn’t locked up.  M. had just arrived on it, came into the WABA annual meeting to get the keys from me (to use the lock securing my other bike) and in about the time that that took?  Gone.   So, uh, make my lesson yours.  Or something like that.)

Update: I seriously appreciate the support that’s come my way for this.  This bike has been well loved not just by us, but also many of my friends – as a borrowed daily commuter, adventure race finisher, and all around solid piece of fun and transportation.  Here’s hope that it can continue to serve as that, even if it doesn’t come back.


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  1. Biker Dude

    Had enough “DIVERSITY” yet?

    Washington was once a nice government town where citizens were safe to leave their belongings unlocked and unguarded. Now the city is infested with urban animals who prey on everyone from the strong to the weakest.

    Forget your $200 and your plea for your bike’s return. Better to enact Sharia law and lop off the hands of those urban animals. How about a $200 reward for the delivery of the hands of the thief to you in a box?

    Had enough “DIVERSITY” yet?

  2. MB

    “Biker Dude”, who let you out of the basement and onto the computer? Quick, back inside before you hurt yourself. I’ll take DC’s “diversity” over ignorant little douchebags like you any day.

  3. MB, I’m sorry your bike got stolen and I’m sorry that idiots read your blog.

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