October 13th, 2010

Off to the 2010 Taiwan Cycling Festival

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Today involved the first leg of my ~8,000 mile trip from home in DC to Taipei, Taiwan for the 2010 Taiwan Cycling Festival. What is that, exactly? Err, I’ll find out the details when I get there.  Taiwan is trying to promote itself as a cycling destination, and is hoping to use this event to showcase what it’s got. And, courtesy of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, I’ll be giving you my take on the reality of that effort. I’ve been lucky enough to get around a bit, so I’m hoping that my well-considered take – which will be posted here over the next couple of weeks – will be useful to those thinking of trying Taiwan for a cycling trip.

That trip, however, comes with a pretty steep initial cost for Americans. Nevermind the actual ticket cost, I’m talking about the 14 hour trip from LAX (can’t be much shorter from SEA or other northern US departure points) to Taipei (TPE). At 6’1″, and recalling my 14 hour LAX-SYD flight last year, I’m dreading it already. I did a 16 hour flight from Newark to Hong Kong some years back, and it was miserable. That said, Hong Kong turned out to be one of the most amazing places I’ve seen on this planet, and was absolutely worth those 16 hours. So while the price can be steep, it’s quite possibly worth it. We’ll see.

Great Circle route for LAX to TPE

Because I had zero interest in tying on the five hour flight from DC to LA into the LAX-TPE flight on the same day (for 19 straight hours of fun!), I decided to skip out to LA a day ahead of time. My favorite local airport, National, doesn’t do much in the way of direct flights to LAX, so I had to head out to the airport I often mock – Dulles (IAD).  It turns out that I might have to ease back a bit on knocking it.  In fact, it came off as a perfectly nice airport – one that might even eventually live up to the promise of its Saarinen-designed ticketing terminal.

Ticketing Terminal at IAD

First off, the moon buggies are mostly gone. In its place is a much improved security hall and rail transport to the terminals. And much to my pleasant surprise, Vino Volo, previously accessible only on int’l flights, now has a (much bigger) location at Terminal B. Like ATL’s One Flew South, it’s a great wine bar with good food. Much better than the usual regret-inducing airport fare.

Vino Volo at IAD's Terminal B

The departure from my airport of choice also involved a departure from my airline of choice (Delta).  This flight was on American, and since (in yet another departure from the norm) I’m actually checking a bag this trip (hard to pack clothing, cycling shoes/pedals, and a helmet in carry-on, it turns out), I experienced the joy of getting nickled ($25 for checked bag) and dimed ($39 for an aisle seat up front).  (Too many parentheticals?)  I don’t so much mind the total cost as the pettiness of dinging me for what I’ve come to expect as basics.   We’ll just avoid the matter of food entirely.  Personal thanks, though, to the flight attendant who took mercy on me and doubled my vodka tonic.

So I’m at the LAX Hilton now.  Did you know you can snag pretty much any of the standard airport hotels (Marriott, Hilton, Crowne Plaza) for ~$65/night on Priceline?  I used to mock a friend mercilessly for using them (and I still mostly avoid them), but that’s a regular and reliable halving of the price anywhere else.  I’m trying to sort out a few more last minute things before I head off to uncertain connectivity, and then get a good night’s sleep ahead of what I’m sure will be something less than that.

But I’m really really looking forward to actually being in Taiwan.

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  1. Taiwan Cycling Festival 2010 – one blogger is on his way already | Cycling Satin Cesena says:

    […] we get closer to the start of the Festival, I have just come across Mark Blacknell's blog. He will be attending the event, and intends to blog about it. I for one will be interested to read […]

    October 13th, 2010 at 4:04 am

  2. Michael Poole says:

    I am contemplating a circumnavigation of Taiwan by bicycle. I hope to learn from your experiences.

    October 13th, 2010 at 5:58 pm

  3. Nelson says:

    Hello Mark, this is Nelson from Taipei Taiwan, a crazy cyclist, and also work for Royal Dutch Gazelle. We’ll hold “2010 Holland Bike day” on 16th October in Tainan City(Southern Taiwan)and Holland Garden Party on 23th and 24th October also in Tainan. I know you must be very busy, but please contact me and I’d like to show you more “not official” cycling life in Taiwan. Welcome to Taiwan!

    October 13th, 2010 at 9:20 pm

  4. MB says:

    Thanks, Nelson. I think I’m going to be in Taitung all day tomorrow, but I appreciate the very kind offer. Just arrived in Taipei. Enjoying the displacement.

    October 14th, 2010 at 3:13 pm

  5. Terry Garrity says:

    Looking forward to following along with you Mark.

    For others who want to follow along on this trip via an additional perspective, check out


    October 15th, 2010 at 4:43 pm

  6. MB says:

    Thanks, Terry. Looking forward to talking more about it, now that I’ve got my head back on straight after a bit of jet lag.

    And everyone else – follow that link. Bev’s awesome, and I’m sure everything she writes will be worth checking out.

    October 18th, 2010 at 9:54 am