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Now Now Now

That is not, as unsurprising as it will be to no one but me, a title based on Monkey #2’s most favorite phrase.  It’s actually a nod to Derek Sivers, and his Now Now Now project.

My online presence has been a long and storied one, with enormous reward (and not a little cost).  In the past couple/few years, I’ve drawn back, for both good and not so good reasons.  And I’ve recently realized that I’ve shortchanged the good.  So.  Trying to figure it out again.

So, with credit and appreciation to Sivers, here’s my now.

We’ll see how this goes.


Don’t even know where to start.  As good a place as any.



A Worthy Cover

Some takes are perfection, and ought not be insulted with further efforts. And while I still think the original is perfect, this effort is no insult:YouTube Preview Image


Nothing is Created or Destroyed - Everything is Transformed

Never Gets Old

YouTube Preview Image

Thank You, Scott Scudamore

Reading through Scott Scudamore‘s Facebook wall right now is an exercise in deep swings of emotion. Until you’ve experienced Scud in person, it’s not only hard to grasp just how outgoing and friendly he was, but to truly understand  how genuine his connections with other people were. The evidence, though, is in each and every one of those posts.

The first time I met Scott (2004?), I think he started off with a “Hey, I don’t mean to be a busybody, but . . . ” (and he totally did). It was at Wakefield, and he was coming over to dissuade me from riding the muddy trails. Since I’d actually just loaded my bike on the car because I’d *seen* the muddy trails, I was a little irritated at first. But Scott was waving me off of riding in such a friendly and positive way, I couldn’t help but finishing the encounter liking him.

Fast forward from there. Over the years the friendship developed, from chatting with him at MORE work days, to riding with him in Stokesville most Memorial Days, and – in the last couple of years – enjoying much longer conversations about community, aging, and making the time for important things.

While I (very much) regret not seeing him since his crash, I couldn’t ask for a better last conversation than the one we had over (many) beers at Stokesville this year. We talked about giving back instead of trying to take it with you, providing for those close to you, and the importance of making the best connections we can with other people while we’re alive.

Scud managed all of that in ways we should all aspire to, and he inspires me to live up to that.

He did that for me and many many many other people.  Well done, Scud.  Well done.


More about Scott Scudamore here.  Scott’s influence ranged well beyond his home in Virginia.  Since his injury I’ve seen heartfelt testimony about and appreciation of the man from the East Coast to Hawai’i.  From lifelong friends to people who he really connected with in the span of a race.

The City (Take Eleventy)

I’ve always been quite partial to this view of Manhattan (taken on a flight back from Ireland, IIRC):

View of Manhattan, New York City, NYC

But this is kind of working its way into my head:




Manhattan from the south, LGA approach


Every once in a while, you should watch this:

YouTube Preview Image

Send Me Your Money

Fell down a rabbit hole of music, this afternoon.  Landed here, most recently:

Cycling Advocacy’s Highest Goal, in 30 Seconds

I would raise money to air this during the Super Bowl:



Share the Road from AAA Public Affairs on Vimeo.

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