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This One Time, in Taiwan . . .

Taroko Gorge

That I’ve been utterly unable to stick to my plan to post daily about Taiwan isn’t just a testament to my ever present ability to overestimate myself, but also to the incredible amount of things we were able to see and do in Taiwan. I’m now in an LAX hotel (this would be hotel #14 in 15 days for me, I believe) and just beginning to sort out a plan for relaying what turned out to be one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever undertaken. From cycling through the natural beauty of Taroko Gorge to seeing the human faces behind the cycling industry, Taiwan blew right past my expectations. Stick around, if you’re interested in hearing more about it.

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Taiwan Cycling Festival: Ride from Guanshan to Chihshang


Still Moving


  1. I take it that this trip was worth it for you? :-)

  2. Dt

    That picture does look awesome. Maybe you can start an adventure biking tour company and lead tours to the far east!

  3. Robert Kelly

    Great to hear. Was wondering what happened to you.

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