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Year: 2004

I come not to praise, but to . . . no, I come to praise.

I was a Dean supporter. I am a Dean supporter. I've been a Dean supporter since before he announced his bid for the presidency. And I am surprised that he made it this far. I make no apologies for anything he's done in this primary. Yes, I wish he would have done a few things a little differently. And I certainly don't agree with all of his positions. But every single Democrat out there owes an ENORMOUS debt to Dean. He brought the center of the debate back from the far right. He was the cannon fodder that made it possible to question Bush on Iraq. And he illustrated the fact that there are legions of untapped campaign-contributing voters out there who are starved for a candidate that represents their position. So don't you dare roll your eyes and say good riddance. So far, he's done far more for progressive politics than Kerry or Edwards could possibly lay claim to.

Like Clockwork

Noted via Atrios:
The U.S. State Department has changed its stance on a new Brazilian security process for U.S. citizens entering the South American nation. Washington is now urging Brazil to alter its new process of fingerprinting and photographing U.S. visitors. "We have told the Brazilians that we think that these are measures that provide tremendous inconvenience to travelers and that they need to be changed," State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said Tuesday. Just last week, Boucher's deputy -- J. Adam Ereli -- said the United States understood Brazil's new policy. "This is their sovereign right to do if they want to do it." Ereli said. Brazil's program began after a similar process was announced for the United States. The US-VISIT program began January 5 and applies to any visitor, including Brazilians, who are required to have visa to enter the United States. Visitors from most European nations are excluded.
Original story here.

So long as you’re *actually* picking strawberries

This is naked pandering. Well-timed, I might add. Worth noting on this is that it not only amounts to an amnesty program for the immigrants (people who will remain here anyway, and Bush gets goodwill votes for assisting them), but also a free pass for the employers who have been exploiting them and creating the market for illegal immigrant labor. Compassionate conservatism - we take care of our own.

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