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Month: August 2006

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Travelogue by transaction

I never thought I was the only one who did this, but it was a bit . . . strange, to see someone else who does this. Coupland and I seem to share an affinity for the memory-triggering characteristics of receipts.

The Irate Moderate

I don’t worship at the political altar of the moderate, but the NY Times Op-Ed page makes some excellent points here:

The rebellion against Mr. Lieberman was actually an uprising by that rare phenomenon, irate moderates. They are the voters who have been unnerved over the last few years as the country has seemed to be galloping in a deeply unmoderate direction. A war that began at the president’s choosing has degenerated into a desperate, bloody mess that has turned much of the world against the United States. The administration’s contempt for international agreements, Congressional prerogatives and the authority of the courts has undermined the rule of law abroad and at home.

Yet while all this has been happening, the political discussion in Washington has become a captive of the Bush agenda. Traditional beliefs like every person’s right to a day in court, or the conviction that America should not start wars it does not know how to win, wind up being portrayed as extreme. The middle becomes a place where senators struggle to get the president to volunteer to obey the law when the mood strikes him. Attempting to regain the real center becomes a radical alternative.

Bet you’re sorry now, Joe

Yes, at 8:52pm EDT, I am going out on a limb and blaming this for the end of Joe Lieberman’s 18 year career in the US Senate:

Weekend on Wheels

It was bikes, bikes, bikes, this weekend. In addition to my usual weekend morning group ride on the W&OD trail, I found some time to hit Wakefield on my (new to me) Gary Fisher Sugar 4+ on Saturday afternoon. The next morning found me where I certainly didn’t belong – on a bike at the start line for the Dirt Criterium, part of the Cranky Monkey mountain bike racing series. I didn’t impress anyone, but I wasn’t DFL. So, we’ll call that a victory. The afternoon was a bit more sedate – I went to watch the final two events at the City Bikes RFK Criterium. I really enjoyed the RFK crit. A different flavor than my other local fav (the CSC Invitational, which takes place blocks from my house), it’s a hardcore amateur affair. The am-only races and the scorching hot location (RFK parking lot) weed out all but the most devoted racers and fans. The result is that those who make it are treated to a show of phenomenal efforts by cyclists who do it for nothing but the glory. Love it.

Cranky Monkey MTB Race Series

Competed in my first professionally-run mountain bike race this weekend – it was fantastically fun. I finished middle of the pack, but leagues ahead of where I was before the race. I’ll be back next year, for sure. More pictures here.

Keep the Faith

I am amazed at my investment in Floyd Landis’ achievements in the 2006 Tour de France.  While I am very clear that even the most decent of riders can end up dopers (thank you, Tyler, for that lesson), Landis’ alleged violation continues to make no sense to me.  Tomorrow, at 5am EDT, we are supposed to get the results of the B sample.  Like most of the rest of the world, I expect it will come back with with same result.  I wish that could settle matters.  But it really won’t.  Not for me, and not for most cycling fans.  With respect to pro cycling, the only thing I want more than to be reassured of Floyd’s innocence, is to be certain of the truth.

Ah well.  Until then, more from the man himself.

Snakes on a Plane!

One of the most impressive uses of technology in viral marketing that I’ve ever seen.

(Nevermind what a great movie this will be . . . )

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