I’m Mark Blacknell. By day (and often night), I’m an attorney who helps media companies and communications infrastructure providers navigate the legal and business challenges posed by various domestic and foreign regulatory agencies.

Not that it would be entirely wise to link all of them from here, but I’ve been posting my opinions to the Internet since 1993. While I don’t really consider this a blog, I’ve decided that it would be useful/harmless enough to use Blacknell.net to offer a few unsolicited opinions and engage in the time-honored practice of endorsement-by-link.

I don’t so much talk about the the law, though, as I do enough of that elsewhere. Obviously, I can’t keep myself from going on about politics, but if you’re keen to do that, bring up the subject of cycling or communications infrastructure/content distribution. I also do a fair bit of travel. Occasionally I actually get around to writing about it.


I hope it goes without saying that these are my personal opinions, and should not be taken as those of my clients or any other organization with which I am involved.