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A Worthy Cover

Some takes are perfection, and ought not be insulted with further efforts. And while I still think the original is perfect, this effort is no insult:

Never Gets Old

Midweek Makeover: Moves Like . . . *Who*!?

This is a one track entry:

(Okay, can’t help it. Here, here, and here. This is brilliant.)

Midweek Makeover: Kicking Off Teenage Covers

So, a couple/few years ago?  The Undertones knocked out a nice little ditty:


A little bit of pure rock fun, right?  So of course, it had to be covered.  And so Snow Patrol took the slow roll approach to it:


And that wasn’t bad at all.  But Nouvelle Vague?  Sure, it’s kinda bossa nova lazy, but what they bring, it works:



Midweek Makeover: Your Edition

So recently I revealed a not-so-secret-secret to a friend.  I actually enjoyed Moulin Rouge!. I know, I know.  Shut up. Anyway, one of the (many) great tracks from it was a cover of Elton John’s Your Song. Which has to be, on its own, one of the best love songs of all time. I know you’ve heard it, but seriously, press play:

I’d normally put something that good on a shelf labeled “Do Not Cover.”  But then Ewan McGregor (!) did this:


Knocked it out of the park.  (According to Nicole Kidman, too.) So really, you’d think that it was done. I mean, loads of covers out there, but no one’s going to top the original, and McGregor’s take staked out something so different that anything else would necessarily fall short. But then:

Not sure what it is about this one that works so well.  Obviously Goulding’s voice is something special. But it’s more than that. The arrangement, the voice, the pauses. It’s a worthy addition.

Midweek Makeover: 30th Edition

Weird year, full of round anniversaries.  I first heard Cyndi Lauper’s When You Were Mine the day I bought my first cassette tape – her So Unusual album.*

 Astounded as to how she’s stood the test of time, both in her early work and her present.  Speaking of standing the test of time, I’m not sure when I first learned of the fact that Prince was the original writer of When You Were Mine.  But I do remember being blown away by it.  No embed, because Prince apparently pays an army of monkey lawyers to do takedowns of his work, no matter how obscure the corner of the internet.

*In fact, the original recording always surprises me when I don’t hear the warble of my tape.

Midweek Makeover: Harder, Better, Faster, Cover

Daft Punk:

Brassft Punk:

Send Me Your Money

Fell down a rabbit hole of music, this afternoon.  Landed here, most recently:

Midweek Makeover: Old Man Edition



Pop Love

Don’t know about you, but I need a chaser right now:


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