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Month: April 2011

We Should All Be Ashamed

I’ve often joked about the hateful lunacy that is birtherism (and its enablers).  But really, it’s not funny at all.  Baratunde Thurston makes it crystal clear:

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10:15/Saturday Night: Swedish Edition

Just got tipped off that a new Movits! album dropped.  This looks to be the lead single:

YouTube Preview Image

I love Movits!  It takes a special talent to demonstrate flow to those who don’t even share your language.  If you happen to be in the DC area, they’re playing Iota on Friday, May 6th.  (And those of you that aren’t – check out their touring schedule.  Excellent live show.)

The State of Things

Sea Turtle on Wreck of St. Anthony, Maui, Hawai'i

Friday Music: Bitter & Cheap Edition

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Getting some airport/airplane time in front of me, soon.  So hoping to get this rolling again.

Saturday Music: Friday Edition

Just click:

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Scientific American: Fair & Balanced (Finally)

Read it for yourself.

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