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Month: June 2006

Further Amusement

The tax code is so complicated that the Republicans can’t even figure out how many pages it runs.  But it has something to do with the Bible.

I’m not sure how DC Mayor Tony Williams will be viewed by history, but those in the here and now can’t deny that the man has a sense of humor – how many big city mayors do you know that’ll do a cannonball into a pool to open the city pools?  Eight years in a row, no less!

Charles Taylor Taken to the Hauge

Think the former Liberian president will call his good friend Pat Robertson as a character witness in his war crimes trial?

Former Atlanta Mayor Sentenced

Bill Campbell was sentenced to 30 months in prision today. CNN tells us:

Former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell, who presided over the city’s economic renaissance of the 1990s, was sentenced Tuesday to 30 months in prison and fined more than $6,000 for racketeering and tax evasion.

When he was first elected to office, I was very happy – I thought he’d provide a much needed modernization of the city then led by Maynard Jackson. He had a stellar background and seemed genuinely capable of helping Atlanta take off. And take off, it did. Unfortunately, he decided he wanted to use the power of his office to help friends share in that success in ways not available to the rest of us. As he got called on that, he became more interested in defending himself than running a great city. Glad to see he’s getting what he deserves.

Information Service = Whatever FCC Feels Like

Unless there’s a successful appeal to the Supreme Court of today’s Court of Appeals decision, May 14, 2007 is the deadline by which your broadband and VOIP provider must provide law enforcement with a means to listen in on your conversations.

The Court of Appeals decision isn’t so appalling as is what the FCC’s done here, as a culmnation of its reclassification efforts. It’s essentially blown up the common carrier model in favor of a regulatory scheme by the only thing that is asked of a communications provider is that it ensures that the government has access to the consumer’s private information, on demand. In return, the providers are essentially freed of all obligations (e.g., open access, support for universal service, etc.).

Yearly Kos

Instead of finishing and hitting publish on the last dozen in the Draft folder, I’m at YearlyKos. The reporting on it will hit saturation point shortly, if it hasn’t already. So I’ll just leave my take on it (which, at this point, would likely degenerate into a completely unrelated damnation of Las Vegas) at being thrilled to see and hear so many smart and committed citizens in one place.

From the South Rim

Moving. Again.

Looking for the right place.

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