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London, We Have a Problem

I have absolutely no intention of ever getting a National ID card. The government doesn’t need my fingerprints, biometric details, addresses, driving licence details or my insurance numbers. As a result, it looks like the Home Secretary won’t renew my passport when it comes due in 2009. I trust the British government with my details even less than I trust the US government (and they’ve earned that distinction.)

I cannot believe that I’m saying this, but David Cameron’s Tories are increasingly looking like a reasonable response to the overreaches of Labour.

More (opposition) info about the national identity card scheme here.


So much for that


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  1. Peej

    Damn. I guess I just found my impetus to finally get U.S citizenship…although who knows how long it will be before they take up the same stance.

  2. MB

    Ultimately, that’s my out, too. But I never imagined (nor do I plan) that I’d use it.

    Europeans trust their governments too much. Americans trust corporations too much. That’s the view I take on a pessimistic day. The flip side, of course, is that Americans could teach Europeans a few things about keeping gov’t in check (please ignore the past few years for the purpose of my point . . .), and Europeans could show Americans the proper place of corporations.

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