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2007 CSC Invitational In Pictures

I spent a fair amount of time shooting the CSC Invitational this weekend (as evidenced by the sunburn on my face). Some of the better shots are below. I didn't cover the Men's 1/2/3 as well as I would have liked to, but if you're a local rider who'd like to see if he or she was looking good this Saturday, drop me a line and I'll sort through what I've got. Clicking on the smaller photos will take you flickr, where I've got them at a higher resolution. Moving fast Men's 1/2/3 Field The Men's 1/2/3 field. Men's 1/2/3 Podium David Bozak (Clean Currents) in first, Peter Cannell (Immediate Mortage/Artemis) in second, and Todd Hipp (Battley Harley) in third. Feels Good Team Clean Currents enjoying having one of their own on the podium's top spot. Super Domestique? This NCVC rider shows what team support is all about . . . (assuming that what it's all about is a cooler full of food from 7-11). Laura Van Gilder Laura Van Gilder at the start line. Liz Hatch working hard Liz Hatch, who has quite an online fan club, shows the substance behind the form. Concentration Women's Pro/1/2/3 field The women's pro/1/2/3 field. 90% of the front of the race This is what 90% of the race looked like. Just Van Gilder and (a very smart, but ultimately outmatched) Larson. Approaching the finish Making in the Laura Van Gilder Invitational Laura Van Gilder is a machine. This is her third win at the CSC Invitational (previous wins in 2005 and 2003). Denied! Kelly Benjamin (Cheerwine) reacts to the young man declining to give her a podium kiss. Arlington County Board Member Walter Tejada (second from right) stepped in as an able replacement. He later told me that it was all in the spirit of public service . . . In the end, it was Laura Van Gilder (Cheerwine) in first, Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Corp. Furnishings) in second, and Sarah Uhl (Cheerwine) in third. Olympic Hopeful This guy, Oscar Sanchez, is aiming for Beijing in 2008. Whether the gets there or not, someone should snap him up for an endorsement deal - he doesn't stop smiling. Handcycling Criterium Championship Start The start of the U.S. Handcycling Criterium Championship - a race that Seth Arseneau would win. Toyota-United Girls Toyota-United has apparently decided to forgo the women's demographic and has had these girls (or ones that look just like them - just add peroxide and tan) at most races. I think they collect contact information for marketing. In this photo, one fellow seems to want his wife to see where his hands are, in case I'm taking pictures for the paper. Escalades Are Stupid Who brings an Escalade to a bike race? I share the same view as my comrades over at Racing Union on the matter of Rock Racing (the idea, not the riders). Almost the third lap prem This poor kid got lost, and went up on stage to find his parents. And then the announcer suggested making him a third lap premium. He was not amused. That'll the teach the kid to trust adults . . . Train CSC Train CSC didn't quite get it done . . . Sitting on someone's wheel Just sitting on someone else's wheel all day . . . Uphill sprint There's a rise between the last turn and the line that requires some real power to turn it into a sprint. Hold your line The 2007 CSC Invitational Podium The 2007 CSC Invitational Podium Ivan Stevic Ivan Stevic talking to Velonews about the end of the race. Rahsaan Bahati Perhaps the only second between his crossing the line and falling asleep when he didn't have a huge smile on his face. More about the CSC Invitational on the web:
  • In Rahsaan Bahati's own words.
  • Purple Motes gives us a view of the Men's 1/2/3 race.
  • And Tour '03 of Triple Crankset wonders why the Washington Post wasn't there. Maybe all the Washington Times banners?
  • Velonews' story here, and I assume that you'll soon be able to find something at Pez and Cyclingnews, as they were both there.
My recap (and favorite shot of the race) are here.




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  2. Ann Marie Arseneau

    it’s cool to see my brother on your site! thanks for putting up his picture…it is fun to look on the web and see my brothers pictures when i search for him ;)

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    pete cannell accepts his doping suspension

    admitted back to 2007.. so his 2nd is gone?

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