I, and many of my fellow countrymen, have been extraordinarily disappointed with Labour of late. Putting aside (work with me here) Blair’s unfathomable shadowing of Bush in Iraq, Labour’s domestic policy initiatives – National ID, expanded CCTV surveillance, anti-social behaviour laws, among others – have me running into the arms of another party. You know, if there *were* another party to run to. The Lib Dems? One trick ponys. The Tories? Ha.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Honestly, I’ve been fairly impressed (in a relative sense) with where David Cameron is trying to drag the Tories, but I just can’t imagine myself actually casting a ballot for his party.  Why?  Because this is what the Tories have always been,  and may always be, to me:

Go on, click it for the high res version and all of its detailed glory.  Wait.  To be clear, it’s horribly racist and ignorant and only (really really) funny if you paid attention to the Tories in the 70s and 80s.  When I hear “Tory”, two things come to mind: Enoch “Rivers of Blood” Powell and the sort of mindset that could create this map (sans humour).  To be fair, I’ve not lived in Britain for forever and a day,  and maybe the Tories are honestly and truly changing.  But I doubt it, and David Cameron & Co. will have to work pretty hard to overcome this map.

(This post courtesy of my exploration of the many glorious maps highlighted by Waldo’s link to StrangeMaps.)