Politics, technology, and society. And the seasonal incursion of pro cycling.

A faraway country of which we (used to) know little.

Today starts in Prague.  About 14 hours and 5400 miles later, it should end in DC.  The end to an unexpected - but quite delightful - trip.


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  1. Some family and I had a fantastic time visiting Prague over Memorial Day weekend a few years ago (2004 I think). It was an amazingly vibrant city and I found myself wanting to live there for a few years.

  2. MB

    Quite enjoyed Prague, myself (apart from the oh-my-god-this-is-cold time of year I saw it). I can only imagine what a lovely place it is in the spring.

    More of a write up on the trip soon. First couple of days back were consumed with replacing a dead router (much fun) and getting rid of those airplane colds that seem to be more common for me these days.

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