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Really such a lovely message to see when you try to log in to your email, no?  But surely Google would not make such a mistake.  And if it did, it would be responsive and quickly fix the matter.


This is why I recommend people ought not rely on web-hosted services.  You never know when they’ll fail, and when they do, you’ll be at their mercy (exercised in a leisurely manner, if at all).  For me, this was a small bit of trouble in redirecting some of my email addresses (previously forwarded to Gmail for convenience).  I did make the mistake of having not downloaded my Gmail inbox to my own machine in some time, so that’s a something of a loss if I don’t get back in.  Anyway, just a friendly reminder from me to you that Google can make mistakes (and does frequently, if the support forums full of similarly situated people says anything).  Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.