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Coming to Chantilly: A “Drugstore” That Will Only Serve Some

Next time you need something important, remember to avoid this place:
When DMC Pharmacy opens this summer on Route 50 in Chantilly, [Virginia] the shelves will be stocked with allergy remedies, pain relievers, antiseptic ointments and almost everything else sold in any drugstore. But anyone who wants condoms, birth control pills or the Plan B emergency contraceptive will be turned away. That's because the drugstore, located in a typical shopping plaza featuring a Ruby Tuesday, a Papa John's and a Kmart, will be a "pro-life pharmacy" -- meaning, among other things, that it will eschew all contraceptives.
I wonder if the "pharmacist" will query purchasers about their sexual practices beforehand, and refuse to sell Claritin to someone that had sex the night before, but not for the primary purpose of procreation. WWMPD?


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  1. Damn! You’re right!

    And we should also avoid that Ruby Tuesday and that Papa John’s, too, if they don’t sell sushi! After all, I have a constitutional right to get sushi from whatever restaurant I happen to be in, and never mind that the owner has chosen not to include it on the menu!

  2. megabeth

    I’m sorry, James. You have that wrong…

    You should avoid Papa Johns because their pizza sucks and Ruby Tuesdays because they only give about 10 french fries on the plate.

  3. MB

    Up the game, James, or you’re going to get sent back to the minor troll leagues.

  4. You know, Mark, I really don’t understand what you mean by that (I feel know need to respond to “megabeth’s” comment, as I simply chuckled at its obviously-intended good humor), other than to note that your best response to having your silliness revealed is to call me a “troll.” Were it not for my years of dealings with union lawyers on the far Left, I would expect better of you.

  5. MB

    Swing again.

    Batting tip: you have to be at least a little relevant in order to connect.

  6. Upon finding a marxist across the counter, the holy pharmacist shall toss the requisite device and end the discussion:

  7. MB

    See, that’s how you do it.

  8. Those who have copious spare time can visit the store, spend hours shopping while gradually collecting a huge cart of stuff… then go up to the cash register perplexed and ask for condoms. When they are told the store does not carry them… simply walk out in disgust leaving the cart full of crap no one wanted anyway for the store to put back away.

    Yes, it is entirely within their rights to sell anything legal they want, but they should understand that most Americans will not consider it a fully stocked drugstore if they don’t carry certain ranges of products; including lube and condoms.

    Of course, if the store is properly labelled on the outside, and let’s no one doubt that it is merely a front for some wing-nut Christinist (and therefore non-Christian) cult, then I have no problem with it at all and recommend rational Americans simply ignore it.

    Only do the annoyed shopper culture jamming if they insist on misrepresenting the store as a general drugstore.

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