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The City (Take Eleventy)

I’ve always been quite partial to this view of Manhattan (taken on a flight back from Ireland, IIRC):

View of Manhattan, New York City, NYC

But this is kind of working its way into my head:




Manhattan from the south, LGA approach

Just Over A Year Ago. And So Far Away.

Louisville 2013

Traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for the UCI World Cyclocross Championships.   Wasn’t expecting anything in particular,m including the fantastic time everyone had.  Here it is, in pictures.  Make sure you turn the captions on.

Karachi, 2006

Two children and a goat on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan


Bridge across the Bosphorus / Istanbul, Turkey.

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Actun Tunichil Muknal

Approach to Placencia Airstrip

Just back from a short week in Belize, where I quite enjoyed the short hops in tiny planes:


Kite Festival in Jaipur, India

Should have been shared years ago:

Brother’s Keeper

Been thinking a lot about this, lately:

Midweek Makeover: Bruce Highway Edition

So, there was this original, by Bob Dylan.  Secret?  I’d never really paid attention to it, before 2009.

YouTube Preview Image

It’s great, isn’t it?  But in that weird way that makes the first time you heard a song stick as the original, I’ll always associate this with the Whitlams.  I was rolling north on the Bruce Highway in Australia when I first heard it:

YouTube Preview Image

Bonus Bruce Highway music –

YouTube Preview Image

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