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Swinging DC

Always end up watching these folks whenever I’m in Baltimore.  Glad DC could steal them away:

Baltimore’s well-loved trapeze school is moving to D.C. after failing to find a permanent home in Charm City.

Will have to sign up.  One day.

WaPo Profile of Brian Moran

Looks to be something of a puff piece, but I still found this WaPo story to to be an interesting biographical read on Brian Moran.  Unfortunately, Moran is going to need a lot more than this to win on June 9th.  Here’s to hoping that he finds that “lot more” somewhere.  Somehow.

Truth-in-Labelling: Secretary of War

From the WSJ:

At the suggestion of some of his staff, Mr. Gates has begun referring to himself as the “secretary of war,” saying that shows he and his department have no higher priority than the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

At least David “Get Your War On” Rees will be safely employed.

Identity Politics

What Atrios says:

The greatest practitioners of whatever it is we call “identity politics” in this country is have always been white males. The lack of self-awareness of this fact is what is termed unexamined privilege.

The Clarendon Cup Returns to Arlington This Weekend

This coming Saturday, the Air Force Cycling Classic Clarendon Cup (previously CSC Invitational) will see its 12th edition take place in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington. It’s a great race.  In fact, this tight and twisty circuit is what got me into pro cycling in the first place (having stumbled onto it, one summer afternoon in 1998).  The DC area is very lucky to have a race like this, I think (see this previous post for a preview of the 2008 edition), and even luckier that it has survived.  So lets get out and support it, yes?  Racing starts at 8:15am, and is scheduled to run as follows:

If you’re not that into cycling, and just want to see what the fuss is about, I suggest just dropping by for the men’s pro race at 12:15.   Finally, I’m hosting friends and fans with some drinks and munchies at my place (just a few blocks away) immediately after the men’s pro podium presentation.  Any and all are welcome – I just ask for a brief note (to clarendoncup@blacknell.net) so I can get you details and plan appropriately.

What Do Vegetarian Zombies Want?

ORD By Night

Weekend Addition: More of That

Dedicated to P., who is just trying to keep up:


Weekend Music: In Between Edition

Still in transit.

Travel Day

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