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Doing Some Good On The Way Out

If any Dem believes that Democrats are reliably better than Republicans when it comes to regulating the financial sector, I’ve got a CDO to sell ’em.  But I’m very happy to see things like this happening:

The Wall Street reform bill has no doubt drifted leftward in the past several days. But that doesn’t mean all Senate liberals are happy. Several progressive and populist senators think the bill’s broad approach does not call for the fundamental reforms Wall Street needs. They’ve been pushing far-reaching amendments that would shrink major financial companies, and further limit high-risk trading and though their efforts likely do not have enough votes to pass, they at the very least want to get a fair hearing. And they’re banding together to make sure they get one.

And it looks like retiring Sen. Byron Dorgan is taking the lead:

Dorgan, though, says he’s been all but blocked out of the process, and that other senators have been given priority. He predicts he’ll ultimately prevail.

How? Progressive Democrats could use their leverage. They could make their support for ending debate on the bill contingent on getting votes on their amendments. That’s what Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) said last week, when leadership tried to scotch a number of amendments aimed at shrinking, or breaking up, too big to fail firms. Dorgan says he’ll make issue of this at a caucus meeting this afternoon. And he hinted on the floor today that he won’t relent until he’s given a fair shake.

“I will continue to come and ask consent to be able to offer this amendment,” Dorgan said. “[A]s Governor Schwarzenegger said in a previous life, I’ll be back, and soon.”

More like this, please.

Midweek Makeover: Early Start Edition

Lady Gaga.  Paparazzi.  Everyone knows it, even if they don’t know it.  And of those who do know that they know it, about 99% are probably sick of it.  So I won’t even bother posting it here.  And yet I promise you will listen to this cover the whole way through:

YouTube Preview Image

Performed by Greyson97 at his sixth grade festival.

“Step Back, Doors Closing . . . “

From DC’s Mad Sole, Metro Status:

YouTube Preview Image

Biden & Kagan Are Right. DADT Is Wrong.

Joe Biden states what I think is plain:

While serving as the school’s dean, Kagan blocked military recruiters from the campus because of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — which Biden called “a very bad policy.”

Biden was asked, “She’s also raised some eyebrows, of course, well documented, when her time there at Harvard, the way that she banned military recruiters there on campus because of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” rule. I wanna ask you, not to get into that in particular, but I wanna ask you, was she right or wrong in doing that?”

“Well, she was right,” Biden said. “Let me put this quickly in perspective. For 20 years before she came there military recruiters were not allowed on the campus in the same way other recruiters were.”

In case halfwits like Sen. Sessions didn’t notice, that was the policy of nearly every law school of quality.  The kind of ignorant bigotry the GOP is trying to play to here isn’t, in fact, the norm everywhere.

Before You Get Excited About Elena Kagan

Read Glenn Greenwald.  Seriously.

Auditing the Federal Reserve

It’s a good thing.

Citizenship Means Nothing to Joe Lieberman

I’ve long known that Joe Lieberman and I see the world very differently, but I had no idea that we live in fundamentally incompatible worlds.  His solution to those pesky Constitutional rights enjoyed by citizens?  Strip ’em of citizenship!  The man – after how many decades in public office? – doesn’t appear to understand even the basics, when it comes to the Constitution.  I’m honestly shocked.

Update: Greg Sargeant says that Lieberman may actually be able to find others to publicly support this.  That is a line that, if crossed, makes the supporter someone who is a literal threat to Americans.  It is a completely and utterly unacceptable proposal, and any Senator or Representative who supports it should be drummed out of office.

So How Does This Work?

Do they hold something over you, and call the favor in when needed?  Or are you just this gobsmackingly, unbelievably, and appallingly craven and stupid?

Ex-FEMA director Michael Brown today claimed that President Obama waited to respond to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico because he wanted an excuse to shut down offshore drilling.

Brown, who directed FEMA under George W. Bush, is famous for his own botched response to Hurricane Katrina.

So what does he have to say about this latest environmental disaster?

“The delay was this,” Brown said on Fox News today. “It’s pure politics.”

Again, one of the advantages that Republicans have over Democrats is that they’ve plenty of people willing to demonstrate this kind of stupefying ignorance of reality.

Do You See What Happens . . .

when you get all your facts from the Internets?

Weekend Music: May Day Edition

Woody’s still exactly right:

YouTube Preview Image

Love me some Billy Bragg:

YouTube Preview Image

And Billy Bragg will be voting Lib Dem.   What has become of you, Labour?

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