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Month: November 2011

Veterans and Rememberance Day

Try to make it something more than going through the motions.

Poppy and Cloudy Sky

Photo by smcgee.


A friend sent me this, and in the first :45 I was thinking, “Yeah, I’ve seen something like this before.”  And then . . .

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

The View from 1919 Lynn Street

Had a meeting at 1919 Lynn St. (in Rosslyn) yesterday.  The view was really quite distracting:

I’d love to get back up there with a real camera, sometime.

Because the 2nd Amendment Is Waaaay More Important Than the 1st

So, in an apparent display of of I Love My Guns More Than You, the Wisconsin GOPers are making sure that guns are part of daily life inside their capitol building, voting to allow concealed carry on the legislative floor and in the visitor’s gallery.  But they made real sure those pesky Democrats didn’t screw it up:

The Dems moved to allow signs and cameras, in addition to guns, but this was voted down by the GOP members.

God bless the USA!


Clarendon Cycles: Take This Bike And Stick It . . .

Where, Exactly?  Another Clarendon Cycles piece is up at the Clarendon Patch.   The line about decent bike parking in Arlington could be a story in itself.

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