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If it’s July . . .

it’s Le Tour:

I do not take calls during HC climbs or the last 5k.

Washington, DC

Rolling past the Lincoln Memorial at 4:30am in the summer.

Clarendon Cycles: Investing in Better Communities

In which I express my frustration with the House GOP turning non-motorized transportation into some silly symbolic part of their culture war.  Sure, go on about art funding, or abortion, or imaginary people coming to take your guns away.  But really, making streets safe for all users is now for liberals only?  Christ.

Clarendon Cycles: Stupid )(*@#@# Bollards

This week my Clarendon Cycles column touched on a topic that, over the past year, has moved from mildly annoying to outright ridiculous: the proliferation of useless bollards on area trails.  If Arlington County had merely been slow in removing what are obviously pretty useless obstacles, I can’t say I’d be terribly moved by the issue.  But someone in Arlington County recently decided that the problem is that we don’t have enough bollards.  If I didn’t know better, I’d say the new installation at the East Falls Church bridge was an effort at satire, but I don’t think it came out of Arlington County’s art budget.

(Recent bollard ridiculousness isn’t limited to Arlington – the new ones in the middle of the Mount Vernon Trail at the base of the Wilson Bridge?  Are apparently there to keep Teh Terrorists away.  That’s right, we’re worried that terrorists just might drive over the Wilson Bridge.  Christ.)

2012 Crystal Ride Photos

Army of One crosses the start on a penny farthing at the 2012 Crystal Ride.

So it turns out there was no official photographer for the 2012 Air Force Cycling Classic Crystal Ride this year. I wasn’t out shooting it, but I did end up with hundreds of photos as I was out there looking at locations for shooting the pro races later in the day. So, in case you know anyone who was looking for photos, here’s more than a few. Simple copies from the site?  Free.  Something that requires more work from me?  Not free (but not expensive).

(I got a great interview with the fellow pictured above.  It’ll run as one on my Clarendon Cycles columns, soon.)

Farmersville, Pennsylvania, USA

Supporters in the hometown of Floyd Landis.

Arlington, Virginia

At the Air Force Cycling Classic.  UnitedHealthcare’s Jake Keough (far right) wins, and Team Type 1’s Alexi Schmitt . . . doesn’t:

Team Type 1's Alexi Schmitt slides through the sprint finish of the Air Force Cycling Classic.

Want the whole story?  Check out this gallery (and be sure to scroll for the full captions).

2012 Clarendon Cup Kids Race Photos

This year’s edition of the Air Force Cycling Classic Clarendon Cup kids race was as amusing as ever.  If you’re looking for shots, check back in this space on Monday.  In the meantime, here’s last year’s edition of the Clarendon Cup kids race (with captions!).

Clarendon Cup Kids Race 2012

Girls Rock

During today’s 2012 Edition of the TD Bank Philadelphia International Championship, ABRT rider Dana Walton gives and gets some fan love:

Dana Walton on Manayunk Wall at the TD Bank Philadelphia International Cycling Championship

Philadelphia, USA

Girl in front of fountain, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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