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Every once in a while, you should watch this:

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Midweek Makeover: Harder, Better, Faster, Cover

Daft Punk:

Brassft Punk:

Send Me Your Money

Fell down a rabbit hole of music, this afternoon.  Landed here, most recently:

In a Blow to VA Conservatives, Hate Fades on the National Scene

The guy who happily used hate as a campaign tactic backs off a bit:

GOP strategist Karl Rove says he can imagine a Republican candidate in the next presidential campaign supporting gay marriage.

The statement from the former adviser to President George W. Bush appears to acknowledge that opposition to gay marriage has waned in some conservative circles.

Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, announced last week that he now supports gay marriage after learning one of his sons was gay.

Rove’s comment was part of a panel discussion on ABC’s “This Week.” He did not elaborate.

While the rapid pace of change has surprised even the most optimistic among us, the long game has never really been in question.  Alas, I’m pretty comfortable betting that, Virginia – a bastion of backwardness – will be among the last places to come around, when it comes to the law.  Remember, this is the place that fought interracial marriage all the way to the Supreme Court.

(And lost.)


Cycling Advocacy’s Highest Goal, in 30 Seconds

I would raise money to air this during the Super Bowl:



Share the Road from AAA Public Affairs on Vimeo.

Just Over A Year Ago. And So Far Away.

Louisville 2013

Traveled to Louisville, Kentucky, for the UCI World Cyclocross Championships.   Wasn’t expecting anything in particular,m including the fantastic time everyone had.  Here it is, in pictures.  Make sure you turn the captions on.

Karachi, 2006

Two children and a goat on the streets of Karachi, Pakistan

Midweek Makeover: Old Man Edition


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It’s Not Live, It’s . . .

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