I’m so disgusted. Like everyone else, I read (most of) this Starr Report today. Umm, let’s see, it has now been shown that Clinton was mackin’ in the Oval Office, that he has incredibly poor judgement with respect to women, and that he isn’t as smooth as he/everyone thinks he is. For this, no doubt, he deserves to be beaten soundly with a wet noodle.

But maybe that’d end up in the report, too.

Do we *really* want to tear our country apart for this? Do we?! Yes, it’s reprehensible. Yes, it’s something to look on the man with disgust about. But did it surprise anyone? Certainly not. So when folks (especially former supporters) are throwing out terms like resign and impeachment right and left, pointing towards Clinton’s lack of moral
character and wrongdoing, I’m even more disgusted with them than him.

Why? Well, it all seemed okay when it wasn’t up there in the limelight. Don’t ask, don’t tell. It’s like rats from a sinking ship.

Oh shit, I don’t know _what_ I think. I’m just as disgusted with myself. Why? I don’t *care* that he might have lied under oath- I still want him to remain as President. How fucked up is that? Somehow, in my head, I’d much
rather see him remain in office, albeit weakened (tho’ that’s debateable), than wreck foundations of our government even more than they already have been.

And don’t give me that “but is this the kind of example we want to set for our kids?” shit. If that reasoning actually amounted to jack, Dan Burton wouldn’t be in office, 95% of the televangelists would be flipping burgers, and Clinton never would have been elected.

But Starr . . . . . that little bastard. Spend 4 fucking years, three jillion dollars, and all he can give us is a Harlequin romance novel!?! Give *me* 40 million and I promise you a better story than this.