45-55 and 50-50


Of course we’re all glad that it’s over. Almost as if you want to just pretend it never happened.

That’s what I’d like to try to do. Get back to railing on about defense spending and education spending and . . . .you know, the usual. As as soon as I think I can do that, I hear another clip about the impeachment. Just another little twist. On NPR, Henry Hyde tells us has “no personal animosity towards” President Clinton.

What the fuck!?

You think the man is screwed up enough to remove him from elected office, but you have no personal animosity? You should hate him with every bone in your body if you think he’s done to this country what you told the Senate he did.

*I’d* hate him.


So you see? I’m trying, but it’s hard. But I think I’ve got it figured out. I won’t say anything till the next election as long as I can  say something nasty to Linda “I’d do it again” Tripp next time I see her. Cool?