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Weekend on Wheels

It was bikes, bikes, bikes, this weekend. In addition to my usual weekend morning group ride on the W&OD trail, I found some time to hit Wakefield on my (new to me) Gary Fisher Sugar 4+ on Saturday afternoon. The next morning found me where I certainly didn’t belong – on a bike at the start line for the Dirt Criterium, part of the Cranky Monkey mountain bike racing series. I didn’t impress anyone, but I wasn’t DFL. So, we’ll call that a victory. The afternoon was a bit more sedate – I went to watch the final two events at the City Bikes RFK Criterium. I really enjoyed the RFK crit. A different flavor than my other local fav (the CSC Invitational, which takes place blocks from my house), it’s a hardcore amateur affair. The am-only races and the scorching hot location (RFK parking lot) weed out all but the most devoted racers and fans. The result is that those who make it are treated to a show of phenomenal efforts by cyclists who do it for nothing but the glory. Love it.


Cranky Monkey MTB Race Series


Bet you’re sorry now, Joe

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  1. Sara

    I almost fell over when I saw the link to this page over at Karen’s. Hi, again.

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