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Isn’t it a mortal sin

to get your mother to lie for you?


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And cowards, too


  1. al

    yes, lying through their teeth. pitiful .

  2. John Thacker

    Do you feel the same way about Sen. John Kerry’s discovery of his Jewish grandfather late in life, or Madeline Albright’s discovery of her Jewish ancestry? Are those also obviously false? Or do you view it this way merely because of your dislike of Sen. Allen?

    Many people hid their Jewish roots because of bigotry, even from their own families, as Sen. Kerry’s situation also shows.

  3. MB

    In all honesty, I didn’t pay much attention to the Kerry or Albright situations, as neither one of them has made a career out of crypto-racism the way Allen has. Had Allen not made such a great demonstration of his faux-Confederate roots, common cause with the CCC, and cast the reporters question as an “aspersion”, I’d say it was an Allen family matter (if a very sad one, at that, having to grow up in such an anti-semitic household that the mother felt the need to hide herself and worry that her son wouldn’t love her.) . But ol’ George is doing his best to salvage himself, and enlisting his mother in the cause. Pathetic.

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