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Seagull Century 2006

Another year, another Seagull Century. After bailing on last year’s Seagull, decided to push ahead with this one, weather be damned. And damned it was. The season’s first official nor’easter brought us buckets of rain and gale force winds for most of the ride.




Spot On


  1. Glad you made it and sorry you got rained on! Jeremy was supposed to spend next weekend doing the century that we bailed on last year, but he got food poisoning this weekend and he’s not sure now that he’ll be up to it.

  2. MB

    C’mon, a true weight weenie would be proud of that . . .

  3. He’s going to do the metric with me instead, which is good because I have hardly been on my road bike since August so I plan to draft off him the entire time.

  4. MB

    Make him sit up tall, then.

  5. R.E. Bertram

    My first… someone tell me that they have not all been like this one!! I ride in western PA and a lot of hills, though this course was flat the wind made it up hill all the way – brutal.
    I will do it next year -great roads, great course.

  6. MB

    Heh, none like this one, at least within my memory. Look forward to joining you next year!

  7. demoncats

    You gonna ride it this year?

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