Rep. Ed Markey’s a bit upset that Chris Soghoian has done his part to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Uninformed outrage is eversomuch easier than actually, you know, fixing the problem.

Update: In keeping with the theme that illusions of security are far more important that actual security, Congressional Quarterly reports that “[t]wo former House committee investigators who were examining Capitol Hill security upgrades said a senior aide to Speaker J. Dennis Hastert hindered their efforts before they were abruptly ordered to stop their probe last year.” You can never been too cynical about these people.

Further update: The “emperor has no clothes” link above no longer works. It was a web-page that illustrated how simple it is to generate a fake boarding pass that can be used to enter the gate areas of airports. It appears to have been taken down after an FBI visit to the page’s author. Boing Boing keeps us apprised.