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Great job, guys

Three Allen staffers tackle (really) a constituent asking Allen, “Why did you spit on your first wife?”

(And just for your own head-shaking amusement, check out this press report after you’ve watched the video. Your media in action . . .)

Update: Mike Stark (the constituent that was attacked) has a letter up at the web site of the local television station that captured the incident on tape.)

Further: The Washington Post redefines “heckling” as someone asking questions. And from the WP report, I’m getting the idea that the Charlottesville police aren’t going to be a lot of help:

“Charlottesville Police Lt. Gary Pleasants said Stark reported the incident today and indicated he wanted to press assault charges against the men. Pleasants said police are investigating and trying to determine the names of the Allen staffers involved.

“We will find out who the people are, give him the information and he can go to the magistrate and try to obtain a warrant for them,” Pleasants said.”




P.W. Botha Dead at 90


  1. Seeing as you left me so many wonderful comments, I figured I would do the same for you just once. Care to explain this?

  2. MB

    I think it speaks for itself. I’d go through an explanation, but you’ve already shown yourself to be quite unfamiliar with the concept of honest examination. Chris, you won’t have any fun here, unless you try a lot harder.

    Why aren’t you in Iraq, anyway?

  3. Apparently, because John Kerry thinks only stupid people should be there. So that leaves the question of why you aren’t there.

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