My local bike shop is Revolution Cycles.  Good shop, good people.  A recent WTOP story, however, reminds me of my one great disappointment with them.  Apparently, Mr. Bush and I have our bikes serviced at the same store – I most recently saw his Trek there after he ran into someone and broke the guy’s leg in Scotland.  They’ve also got what I thought was an extra that he gave them (with Presidential seals and everything).  I tried to get them to sell it to me, but no dice.  I would have paid a pretty penny for it.  And then I would have used it for fundraiser rides. “Sponsor George W. Bush’s bike in the NOW/Equality Virginia/Sierra Club Ride! He won’t be there, but his machine will – just like real life!”  But the WTOP story tells  me that I wouldn’t have been able to swing it:

Misiera said he has turned down offers from collectors of up to $21,000 for his store’s spare presidential bike.

“We could probably get $25,000 for it on eBay,” he said. “But of course we can’t sell it. It has the seal of the President of the United States.”

Ah well.