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2006 in Pictures

I’d had grand designs on 1000 words to go with each of these pictures, but time is not on my side. I expect to be heading offline in short order, and may not reappear before the new year. Perhaps I’ll have a few new pictures by then, and might have finished up a few of those 1000 word drafts.

Here’s to 2007.

(Photos: 1. Three Years, 2. A City, 3. JFK, 4. Still moving, 5. Outdressing the bride, 6. Traffic, Pt II, 7. Taj Mahal Reflecting Pool, 8. Fixing a Flat, 9. Easier than an elephant, 10. Zenana – window, 11. Mughal Sheraton – Agra, 12. Just missing, 13. The sun makes it in, 14. Call to prayer, 15. Welcome to the Middle East, 16. Something new, 17. Twelve Apostles, 18. Africa, 19. Port of Call, 20. I’m where?, 21. WWII Bunker, 22. Cape Town from Robben Island, 23. Soweto shantytown, 24. Regina Mundi, 25. Victoria Waterfront – Cape Town, 26. Sunset over the Black Sea, 27. Another point of reference, 28. St. Davids Lighthouse on approach to BDA, 29. Skyline, 30. National Airport at Dawn, 31. Bermuda Sunset, 32. But not entirely blue, 33. Liberty and Justice for All, 34. Can’t seem to escape the traffic, 35. Whine & Cheese, 36. Ghirardelli

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Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA): Stop the Muslim Hordes!


A (new/old) city


  1. Beautiful! Have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Peej

    Enjoy your trip and definitely do a write-up when you get back so I can also enjoy it vicariously. In the meantime, I’m going to satisfy my temporarily self-stifled wanderlust looking through your pictures.

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