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A Year in Travel

2006 Travel

So that’s a map of my travel in the last year – January to January. My best travel year yet, really. Slightly over 86,000 km. Noteworthy trips included:

  • A very rewarding journey through India, Dubai, and South Africa (write up of first half of that trip here, pictures from each section linked through the country name)
  • A quick jaunt to Bermuda – who knew such waters were so close to DC?
  • A multipurpose trip out west – a wedding in San Francisco, some hiking in the Grand Canyon, and the DailyKos convention in Vegas.
  • Mexico City and Tepoztlan, for a wedding – I can’t recall the last time I’d traveled with so many friends.
  • My year end voyage – Istanbul, Dubai, Karachi, Lahore, and Athens (where, as we drove by the American Embassy – you know, the one just hit by a rocket – the cab driver pointed it out as the safest building in Greece . . . ).

I am very lucky, indeed. Want a similar map for yourself? Check out the Great Circle Mapper. Nifty tool.


Floyd Landis in Arlington


Istanbul, Part I

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