Yes, I see things are afoot at your end of the dial, with WETA heading back to classical, and WGMS (now WXGG-FM) picking up some of your public radio programming. So I’m sure you’ll see this as an opportunity to reshuffle your own programming a bit. Fine, have at it. But there are two things you better not do:

  • Do not mess with Kojo Nnamdi (I am still shocked (and quite selfishly pleased) he hasn’t been snatched for a national show), and
  • Do not even dream of touching Ray Davis.

Okay, enough with the demands. Now to the requests:

  • Please find some space for Farai Cheideya. I don’t care what you do with Tavis.
  • Do not be tempted by Prairie Home Companion.

Note to DCRTV: I’d really like to link you for posts like this, but your site structure is atrocious. It’s a shame, considering how easy it is to fix that, and how valuable your content generally is.