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Back on the road

Thankfully, this will not be my mode of travel (tho’ it might feel like it, in those American Airlines seats in the back of the bus . . .).

(Taken in Karachi, Pakistan on January 1, 2007)

Updated, while I wait for my cab: Ask the Pilot is one of the reasons I pay for access to Salon. This column, on flight cabin design, is great (if you’re not a subscriber, you’ll just have to endure a brief commercial before viewing). Be sure to click through to the photos. As you might have guessed, I quite enjoy the subject of flight and travel epherema.)


What is my contribution accomplishing, again?


Is it absurd enough, yet?


  1. Peej

    Oh, now this definitely brings back memories…you’ll frequently see a couple of under 5 years-old kids sandwiched between the two parents on motorbikes, back home. Everyone sans helmets, of course!

  2. MB

    The .25 liter family car!

    What I love about this picture is that the only guy who is actually looking where they’re going is the next to last guy on the bike . . .

  3. Peej

    Gives a whole new meaning to back seat driver…

  4. Oh, man, I spent half of our time in Isla Mujeres covering my eyes because of all the families on motorbikes: dad in front (usually the only one wearing a helmet), mom in the back, holding a toddler off the side under one arm. We saw two minor accidents, one of which involved a guy riding a scooter (by himself) with a puppy under one arm. He actually wrecked twice, and both times he managed to save the puppy. Don’t try this at home.

  5. MB

    One sometimes has a helmet? Advanced civilization!

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