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Heading to the Tour de Georgia

It’s been quiet here this week, for any number of reasons.   Work has been busy.  National politics have gotten so absurd that I’ve needed to take a short break, lest my head explode.  And there is nothing I want to say about what happened at Virginia Tech (other than that I wish 95% of the people on TV talking about it would follow my lead).

I have been tracking the Tour de Georgia over at Podium Cafe, though, and having a good time doing it (Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3).  For those of you who don’t know, the Tour de Georgia is a professional cycling stage race that takes place over 7 days.  Steephill.tv has an excellent one-stop site for information about the race, and you can actually watch the race live on the web here (it runs from 11a to 2p on Thursday, check Steephill for times Fri-Sun).

Cycling isn’t exactly the most popular sport in the US (it regularly gets shafted by TV in favor of bullriding or fishing coverage . . .), but the Tour de Georgia is a big deal for American pro cycling.  I’m heading down to Georgia on Thursday so I can watch the final three stages in person.   Friday brings a pretty exciting finish on top of Brasstown Bald, Saturday involves a fast run from Lake Lanier down to Stone Mountain, and Sunday finishes the Tour with a circuit race through much of downtown Atlanta.  I’ll be posting about that here and at Podium Cafe, so if you’re interested, check back nightly.


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  1. I am heading over to Georgia for the Brasstown stage tomorrow. After the shakeup with yesterday’s breakaway, this is turning into an exciting race. I can’t wait to watch the last few stages live.

  2. MB

    Indeed. I moved away from GA before the Tour started – I’m looking forward to seeing pro racing in (what used to be) my backyard . . .

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