So you’ve already read the comprehensive Cycling News report on what happened at stage five of the Tour de Georgia. Anything new I can tell you? Well, here’s what I hope you want to know:
Levi Leipheimer Wins Stage Five
Was Tom Danielson pissed? Well, at the press conference, in which Levi Leipheimer repeatedly made reference to “Tom lending me Brasstown Bald this year,” Tom was very gracious. And he smiled. Perhaps a tinge too much. It’s the first time I’ve seen either man in person, so take it for what it’s worth, but Tom gave off the slightest hint of the vibe of a man who’s just been had, and knows it.

Were the riders a complete mess as they crossed the line at the top of Brasstown Bald? Absolutely. Even Levi, taking the stage, didn’t smile. Some faces were stony masks, but their first faltering steps off the bike gave clue to just how much the day took out of them. Other riders had a hard time even taking a bottle. All that's left is the hurt

Was it any easier to follow the race in person than online? Actually, no. In fact, I’m almost certain that most of you knew more about what was going on for the first 90% of the race than I did. Between the same video/cell problems that’ve been plaguing the tracker, having no cell coverage, and (ahem) leaving my laptop at the bottom of the mountain, I was only able to gather bits and pieces of updates from team radios (which, in my limited experience, seem to be regularly contradicting each other).

See anything cool? Well, of course. I saw the finish of Brasstown Bald. But cool as in amusing? Yeah – Levi Leipheimer’s mom came over to Tyler Hamilton to say hi and give him a hug. I’m sure Tyler will one day enjoy telling Levi to “Say hi to your mom” at some opportune moment.

(Between making sure I get details right, formatting, etc., it’s getting later than I’d like. More tomorrow.)