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You’re Doing It Wrong

This isn’t me*, but I definitely identify. The plan, at the moment, is to take a day or two to regroup and refocus. After tomorrow’s race, of course.

*The subject actually rolled out of that, and finished in a respectable place at the Smith Mountain Lake Triathlon this past Saturday.


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Something Unexpected


  1. This looks like it could definately hurt.

    Did you wipe out recently?

    Are you familiar with what was the Red Zinger Classic in Colorado? I used to go out and watch some of it, as they rode from Denver to Boulder.

  2. MB

    Thankfully, I don’t think he was too hurt. He did a good job of rolling through it. And no, I’ve not hit the pavement recently, but I’ve got a nice collection of bike-related scars :)


    Red Zinger Classic? Very cool. Precursor to the (rather famous) Coors Classic.

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