If you’re interested in understanding what actually happened in today’s Supreme Court decisions on school desegregation, I highly recommend reading this discussion at Slate.  It’s a conversation between three people.  First, there is Dahlia Lithwick, a reporter who regularly covers the Supreme Court.  I’ve grown from a detractor into a fan, over the years.  I think she does a good job of translating the language of the Court into something that is meaningful to the public at large.  Her regular partner in these discussions is Walter Dellinger, an actively practicing appellate lawyer with a resume that would make a Chief Justice blush.  I’ve always been terribly impressed with his explanations of Supreme Court decisions, and Slate is lucky to have such insightful analysis on its pages.  Finally, in the interests of balance, they’ve brought in Stuart Taylor, a conservative writer who generally concurred with the Court’s actions.  I think some of his analysis is a bit simplistic, but it’s an honest contribution to the conversation.  Do check it out.