Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.

Watch out!

Above, the Wicked Witch of the West gives chase at today’s Muddy Buddy race in Richmond, Virginia.

I’ve got tons of great photos from this event, as well as last week’s Philadelphia Women’s Triathlon. But between having to wait until my Philly hate subsides (seriously, WTF is *wrong* with you people?) and Saturday’s dislocated shoulder (oops), it’s slow going at Blacknell.net World HQ.


Nobody’s Afraid of Vegetarians


Presidential Campaign Ephemera


  1. Peej

    Hold up–you were in Philly and failed to share that bit of information with some of us pseudo locals? Fine…
    There’s nothing *wrong* with Philadelphians, by the way that a *true* city person couldn’t take. Hah!

  2. MB

    I was, indeed, in Philly for a very brief 18 hours. Get there, check out the race course, dinner, sleep, support the race, get out. My preferred way of experiencing Philly.

    See, I think Philly produces a special kind of asshole. I should have clued into that years ago, when the mayor decided it was okay to drop a bomb in the middle of city block.

    Anyway, did someone who lives in the burbs just take a swing at me? Hmmmm.

  3. Peej

    Ah, see, where I come from, throwing a bomb in the middle of the city is business as usual…

    P.S. Touche on the ‘burbs comment. I admit that where I live now is the one time in my life I made a compromise that wasn’t actually in my favor (hah!), mostly because L’s loathing toward living in a city outweighed mine toward living in suburbia by a smidgeon. I *crave* city and city people, though, and even if I didn’t like Philly for what it is–which I do–it would have been dear to me by virtue of being a city that is only a half hour away.

    P.P.S The rest of the family are staunchly pro D.C., by the way. My sister lived there for about 10 years and considers it her American hometown, and my parents love it like they love no other place save for Tehran. It’s been years since the parents have been there, though, and I suspect if they saw where my sister used to live on F street, they’d change their tune a bit. Or maybe not. They’re made of stern stuff.
    P.P.S. I must break my habit of rambling in people’s comments section. I am sure it is bad blog etiquette (ettiquete? Neither looks right). Maybe that’s my mid-life crisis manifesting itself.

  4. MB

    Your compromise sounds familiar. I think that’s how I ended up with a 540i . . automatic.


    I’d never have predicted it, but I’ve developed a deep and abiding love of DC over the years. One of the few cities on the planet that I’ve no qualms about going all in on.

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