Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.

Another of life’s ambitions accomplished . . .

Guess what I got?


Your money went *where*?


An Impossible Nomination


  1. Um, a 3-speed bike? :)

  2. MB

    Well, you could put it that way. Or you could say that I’ve now got custody of a piece of exquisite craftsmanship, the flagship product of my family’s hometown, a specimen of fine engineering, and the envy of an entire generation of English boys and girls. :)

    I don’t think I’ve ever taken such pleasure in ownership of an object since I bought a Penny Black.

  3. guppy

    How cute – you and my wife now have practically matching rides. Don’t know what year hers is, though.

  4. MB

    The important part is that *you* and your wife don’t have matching rides. If that happens, we’ll just have to cut y’all off and abandon you to Middle America.

  5. Joy

    I’ll have to check out what year mine is – I’m pretty sure the late 70s (ladies, green), so not as cool. But I love it. Yours is gorgeous!

    And no, no matching bikes. Can you imagine guppy being caught dead on a girl’s bike? Me either.

  6. MB

    The year should be on the rear hub, Joy. And any Raleigh is cool . . .

    But if you do get her on a girl’s bike? I will spring for the basket and streamers. I just ask for a picture in return . . .

  7. Joy

    Yeah, I checked it out and it is 1974. Older than I thought! It was my mom’s.

    Basket, streamers, and I think, banana seat. Every little girl’s dream.

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