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Dems Cave on Telecom Immunity?

[Update: Let’s put the Senate hold to a better use than porkbarrel politics – call Sen. Chris Dodd and urge him to put a hold on the FISA bill.]

If this Washington Post story is right, the Democrats have just hit the bottom of the credibility and effectiveness barrel. Handing out a blank Get Out of Jail card to telecom providers on the basis of the say-so of the Bush Administration? On *any* basis? That makes them not only fools, but dangerous fools.

This country was founded and has thrived on the rule of law. That is, the law is publicly known, and applies equally and predictably to all. You may scoff, thinking of some recent criminal case of injustice, but the rule of law really has been at the foundation of America’s success. It has provided for the certainty and safety of its people, who were not subject to the secret (and not so secret) whims and graces of individual men.

And now both the Republicans and Democrats are throwing that out in favor of . . . of *what*? What can possibly be gained by this? They’re still going to get their telecom industry contributions if they don’t do this. They’re not losing any safety – remember, this is *retroactive* immunity. So what is it? The sheer pleasure of knowing that you’re playing an integral part in deconstructing America? Didn’t want to let Bush get all the credit for that? Fools.

(When this comes down to a vote, I look forward to matching up those who vote for telecom immunity against those who voted against “amnesty” for illegal immigrants. Should be some interesting contrasts in rhetoric coming from the same people . . .).


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  1. America is no longer a democracy…our congress has been bought off by the corporations….

    Corporations and the wealthy elite no longer have to obey the law…

    The law is only used to harshly throw the book at the average American citizen.

    If only we had a party that opposed the Republicans and their corporate owners instead of colluding with them.


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