I went to the DC lawyers march in support of the lawyers in Pakistan.   It makes me cringe just to write that.   Though well -intentioned, it just seemed so . . . off.   In any event, it did result in my two favorite lines of the week.  The first was by another lawyer, saying that “this was the first protest I’ve been to where everyone arrived in cabs.”  Tis true – the curbside in front of the Library of Congress looked like the Mayflower Hotel cabstand.  The second line might reach what made this “march” okay, cringeworthiness aside.  A few people from (what I assumed to be) Code Pink came along, cheering and asking –

“What took you so long?”

Indeed.  For a more thought out take on the US lawyers rallies across the country, check this out.


Occam’s Hatchet at dKos uses the classic Flatland book to explain the importance of perspective.  An excellent read.


Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture linked to this interesting little tool from Gracenote a little while back.  Gracenote is the company that provides the track information for the CDs that you put in your computer.*  They’ve now created a map that lists the 10 most popular artists and albums by continent and country.   It’s a bit of a rough measurement – the results, of course, are heavily skewed towards the demographic that can afford computers constantly connected to the internet.  That said, it’s still quite fun to poke around.  Finland?  There’s something wrong with that country . . .

*Saving you kids all that typing we had to do back in the mid 90s.  Uphill.  Both ways.