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Friday Notes: I kinda want . . .

. . . the Ron Paul Blimp to attempt to enter restricted DC airspace and get shot down. I can only imagine the sound of the heads of Ron Paul supporters popping across the country.

. . . the GOP primary to turn into an all out religious war. Really, let’s have a full examination of the actual religious beliefs of the candidates. Giuliani could ask Mitt just how gullible you have to be to believe that con artist, Joseph Smith. And then Mitt could hold up a glass of wine and say “Dude, are you telling me that you really think you’re drinking BLOOD?!” And it would be a grand old time.*

. . . someone to put together a Greatest Hits of the 90’s video so Democrats can be reminded that the GOP machine isn’t just willing to lie about issues of international importance, but about pretty much every little thing. Josh Marshall, in the context of Huckabee’s efforts at rewriting the story of how he encouraged the parole of a serial rapist, reminds us:

Most of our staff at TPM are in their twenties. And we had a moment today when it occurred to me that if you weren’t politically aware in the 1990s, it’s difficult to get a sense of how much a series of seriously deranged conspiracy theories became almost mainstream.

*Except not really. I don’t think that that would be the public conversation – it would inevitably narrowly focus on Mormonism. And while I’m perfectly happy to examine some of the more ridiculous bits of the story underlying Mormonism, I don’t want it to be just Mormonism. If we do that, we’re just doing more of the evangelical right’s dirty work for them. The necessary conversation is bigger than politics, but in this case, it would only serve politics. So I kinda want it, but not really.


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  1. The religious war thing is coming with Huckabee surging in the polls.

    Pass the popcorn, please ;)

  2. sasha

    Christopher Hitchens can moderate. Just so it’s distasteful on all fronts.

  3. MB

    Not sure if he could sober up long enough for that. But I’d quite happily pay Dawkins’ airfare in for the event.

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