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Recommended Travel Reading

Check out travelvice.com.  Start at the beginning, and keep going until you’re bored.  If you’re like me and the people I’ve passed this URL on to, you’ll get a long way.  Essentially, it’s a guy with a healthy sense of self that has managed to cover some impressive ground in the past couple of years.  I’ll skip over the criticisms (of which there may be a number) and give him perhaps the best compliment I could – he’s really quite honest.  If you know anyone who is seriously entertaining dreams of going off grid and traveling for a few years, send this URL to them (esp. if they’re a bit idealistic about it).


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  1. Howdy MB,

    I clicked on a random Technorati link and found myself on this post :)

    Thanks for the nod.

    Saw you have quite a few entries in the ‘cycling’ section, and thought you might enjoy this link that’s been sitting in my bookmarks, waiting to be written about:

    Cycling the World

    This information source is amazing for people looking to do some bold cycling in exotic locations


  2. MB

    Hola, Craig. Thanks for the link – that’s exactly the sort of trip I could spend a few years disappearing into.

    And good luck on the compendium – it’s a lot of work into a good idea. I hope it pays off.

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