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Travel Music (again)

Facing East – Thievery Corporation. Amazingly universal. Whether preparing for a departure toward DCA from ATL in a tiny Embraer, or lumbering down a JFK runway for IST in an A320, this works.

Gimme Shelter – Rolling Stones. A familiar bitterness. (linking solely for soundtrack)

Mad World – Gary Jules.

All around me are familiar faces, worn out places

[ . . . ]
And I find it kinda funny, I find it kinda sad,
that the dreams in which I’m dying
are the best I’ve ever had.

Joe le Taxi – Vanessa Paradis. My first ever celebrity crush. I still remember watching this video on the Super Channel, out of Amsterdam. Over and over, and over again. She was, maybe, a couple of years older than me. Last I heard, she married some loser named Johnny Depp.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You – Jimmy Somerville. Oh, more on this some day. For now, go read about Jonathan Raban’s insight on the infidelity of travel.

Like a Rolling Stone – Bob Dylan. This song has carried me across continents.


Familiar Node


Moving (through unexpected spaces)


  1. Thanks, Mark — I occasionally put together travel mixes, and some of these may make it onto my next.

    That midnight photo is gorgeous, by the way.

  2. MB

    Many thanks.

    (you can find the Jimmy Somerville track on one of the (UK) Queer as Folk soundtracks. Surprised that I couldn’t easily find it online.

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