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Abusive Driver Fees: Now on Bikes!

A Mr. Kajuan Cornish appears to have pulled off the very impressive feat of drawing a $1000+ abusive drivers fee for “recklessly operating” his 18 Speed Huffy on Warwick Boulevard in Newport News, VA. What did he do? Well, it seems Officer George Evans had to slow down, or he would have hit Mr. Cornish. Thus a $1050 fine. Yep, that’s right. The cyclist may well have done something stupid, but . . . even if the stupid started with his riding, it certainly didn’t end there.

Details here.


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  1. J. Tyler Ballance

    Those of you who have repeatedly called for no taxes, while at the same time insisting on more police and greater enforcement, are responsible for this debacle.

    Police officers have been increasingly turned against the citizens because of increasing pressure by some legislators acting at the behest of citizen groups. These legislators have created more laws that are really designed to raise revenue by criminalizing our citizens.

    Tis is not the first time this sort of thing has happened. In old England, men were exiled or even executed for stealing a chicken. America, was supposed to be a just society, where punishments were proportional to the crimes.

    Today, our police agencies are egged on to lock people away and to issue astronomical fines to fill the State and local coffers.

    It doesn’t have to be this way. The People can elect leaders who will limit the role and power of our police and restore justice for all citizens.

    I would like to see a return to a time where the police were seen as integral members of the community and not revenue agents poised for attack on our fellow citizens.

    You can make a positive change by being an informed voter, becoming politically active and on election day: THROW THE BUMS OUT!

  2. kajuan cornish

    i did nothing wrong i was on my way to work

  3. insider

    i know more about the case

  4. Sign: dgcph Hello!!! wuhdd and 4250urrcerzfsx and 1817 : Cooooool blog really

  5. kajuan

    You don’t know more about my case than I do. I know all the details I was there first hand

  6. kajuan

    Bet you think so just remeber I’m ahead of you lol always

  7. yahweh

    Some people will do Anything to harrass and opress an innocent blackman,didn’t they interview him?he had no license and no record for any offenses,and he was riding his bike to work! Not selling dope or robbing people but he was infact a tax payer what ever happened to a warning,a courtesy a judgement call?we should all worry about the people who destroy the community and leave the innocent alone because we need there support,now what is that poor child gonna do with a bad record?it won’t do nothing for him or this community and I heard he was planning to go into law enforcement on one of the interviews I hope he is a better officer we need more of them now days

  8. Nice post.
    Well done!

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