Politics, open government, and safe streets. And the constant incursion of cycling.


The xkcd comic has a somewhat limited (albeit fiercely devoted) audience, but I think most of us can appreciate this:


John McCain’s Fraud


The Deed Is Done


  1. Yes, I am addicted, why do you ask? Say, can you hold that thought? I have a source to look up on the internet for my next article.


  2. sasha

    I heard myself saying (and meaning! yesterday, “well, I should be in charge of the internet.”

  3. Peej

    Hah! That used to be me when someone on TUS posted something completely wrong about Iran or Iranians or the Shi’ite beliefs.
    These days I find it more satisfying to set the IRL comments straight, accompanied by a literal or figurative (depending on the commenter) slap upside the head.

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