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Push Back Against the Virginia GOP’s War on Women

Once again, Virginia’s House of Delegates is doing its damnedest to treat women as stupid chattel.  From a NARAL action alert email rec’d today, pointing out that the following bills are up for a vote tomorrow (Thursday):

HB894: Burdensome Regulations for Abortion Providers- Requires abortion providers to meet onerous and unnecessary architectural and other standards in an effort to regulate them out of business.

HB1126: Criminalization of Pregnant Women – Allows the state to prosecute pregnant women for causing harm to a fetus with the intent of causing a miscarriage or abortion.  [MB: This is a perennial VA GOP favorite.]

HB1315: Mandatory Ultrasound Requirement – Requires a woman seeking an abortion to undergo an ultrasound even if it is not medically necessary.

If you live in Virginia, please call your rep. ASAP or use this link to email him or her.  If you don’t, well, make sure idiocy like this doesn’t creep up in your backyard.


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  1. J, Tyler Ballance


    Feminists love to shout about equality; except when it comes to rights of Men, and of course, defenseless, innocent, babies.

    America hates bullies and human history is full of tales of good prevailing over the bullies of the world.

    Well you can’t be more despicable than to murder an innocent, defenseless, baby. These women who murder babies are the lowest form of bullies.

    What Roe v Wade did to our system of laws, was to establish separate tiers for men and women with respect to the right to murder. Women currently have a superior right over men, to commit murder. Women have murdered nearly sixty million babies here in the USA with impunity provided by the Roe decision. Inequality in American law must not stand.

    We must either extend to men the right under law to murder babies (and by extension, the right to murder anyone) or we must restore equal protection of our laws to men, women and pre-birth babies.

  2. MB – you get much more provocative and opinionated comments on your site than I do. Except when I post on gear ratios for hilly road courses, I mean.

  3. MB

    Well, Mike, at least in those cases, there’s something to be learned. Usually.


    Mr. Ballance, you’ve generally struck me as among the more reasonable folks on your side of the aisle, but what you’ve posted here is so ridiculous that it’s probably just best left alone, as a warning to others.

  4. As a buddhist I am never supposed to write off another human being as without hope… but I happen to live in the 13th house of delegates district in Virginia, and our delegate, Robert Marshall, is completely without hope on these issues. He is usually the one sponsoring crappy legislation.


  5. J, Tyler Ballance

    I have no difficulty in working with citizens who are from divergent viewpoints as long as we can all respect our Constitution, and seek common ground so that we may continue to self govern.

    Equality under the law is a core tenet that forms the basis of my opposition to murdering babies. All of us are given the same rights by God. It is not up to government to create different layers of citizens, where some are more equal than others.

    Just in the last decade, we have added numerous “protected classes” of citizens, while at the same time, denying the right to live to sixty million pre-birth Americans.

    On this issue of Abortion, I am willing to concede that there will be some instances where an abortion is medically necessary, but I am hopeful that reasonable citizens from all sides can work toward strictly limiting abortion to those few cases that are truly a medical necessity.

    I also strongly advocate a return to our merit-based society, where there are no special classes of citizens and all citizens regardless of race, gender, or orientation will be free to pursue a happy life here on this earth, without undue interference by government, church or other self anointed overseers of our Liberty.

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